From Life to Life - A Garden for George


It is not generally known that George Harrison was an immensely talented and passionate gardener.

As a celebration of his life, music and philosophy, Yvonne Innes and I have attempted to depict his life and journey from the material to the spiritual world

"From Life to Life, A Garden For George"

A narrative mosaic path created by Brian Clarke links the four areas of the garden. The journey begins in Arnold Grove, George's birthplace, in red-bricked Liverpool.

The area of rough grass to one side and a hint of his father's vegetable patch on the other recall George's first memories of a garden and his bicycle rides through the countryside on long summer days.

The path, literally and symbolically, then winds through the psychedelic 60's with an explosion of colourful shrubs,

perennials and grasses, overlooked by an ornamental sun, then on, and up through the quieter contemplative time of his later years, with moss lawn, ferns and white stemmed birch, which he often used in his own planting. From the glass water wall (with an image of George seated contentedly) springs a misty rill where his lyrics float above the water.

"Floating down the stream of time,
from life to life with me"

The final step ascends onto a marble terrace leading to crystal circles at the heart of an ornate pavilion, set amongst subdued and perfumed planting. As George dedicated his autobiography "to gardeners everywhere" we do the same along with love and gratitude to George for the music, gardens and thoughtful legacy he left behind.

Olivia Harrison
May 2008